$25 an hour or on a per-song basis, which ranges from $200 to $1,000 per song, depending on the amount of work. These prices and terms are negotiable on a per-project basis and are generally agreed upon before beginning any project.

Custom Music
Custom composition rates are fully negotiable, dependent on the intended use of the music, and whether or not Studio Studios will retain ownership of the music as a song-writer. I prefer to sell my music non-exclusively, but I will absolutely deliver custom, exclusive tracks on demand. Please contact me for more details or to inquire further.

Stock Music Library
The Studio Studios stock music library is growing by the day. To purchase non-exclusive music for your website, webcast, podcast, film, commercial, or whatever digital project you need original music for, please visit the library. If you want any edits, length changes, or custom elements added to an existing library song, please contact me accordingly and we can discuss your needs.