Computer: Custom-built ADK PC – 8-core, dual drive

AD/DA Converters: MOTU HD 192 pci system

DAW: Sonar Platinum, FL Studio 8

Plug-ins:  Sonar Pro Channel series, Waves Mercury Bundle, Abbey Road brilliance pack, Soundtoys, Antares Autotune 5, Sonitus Effects Suite, Roland V-Vocal, Rapture LE, and many more.

Virtual Instruments: Native Instruments Komplete 10, Addictive Keys Piano Collection, M-tron virtual mellotron, and many more.

Monitors: (2) Mackie MR-5

Tape: Tascam Portastudio 414, Tascam TSR-8, Ampex 440-B

Mic pres: Chandler Ltd. TG-2, Sebatron VMP2000e-VU, Peavey VMP-2, racked Neotek Series 3 channel strip (2), Focusrite Octopre

Compressors: DBX 165-A, DBX 165, DBX 160-A, Peavey VC/L2

Microphones: Shure SM-81, Shure SM-58, Shure Beta-SM-57, Unidyne PE54D, Behringer ECM8000, SE Electronics SE2200a Mk2, (2) Cascade Fathead, Electro-voice 664 and more

Other outboard gear: Vintage (mid to late 60’s) Gibson GA-4RE Reverb-Echo Oil can delay (check it out!), Mu-Tron Flanger (only 1,000 ever made!), AKG BX-5 stereo spring reverb, and many assorted effects pedals

Amps: Orange Rocker 30 head with matching Orange 2X12 Cabinet, Fender Blues Junior with Groove Tube upgrade and MOD reverb tank upgrade, Trace Elliot AH 300 bass amp and matching 4×10 cab

Guitars: 1979 Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty Custom (3 pick-up model), 1958 Les Paul Junior, 1994 Fender Stratocaster (American Made 40th Anniversary edition), Vintage Harmony Bobkcat (exact year unknown, 1960’2, American Made), Martin D-28 acoustic, Fender P-Bass, Hofner Violin Bass

Keyboards/ Synthesizers: Late 1800’s Franklin upright piano, Baldwin Fun Machine Organ (circa early 70’s), Magnus chord organ (circa early 70’s), Korg Microkorg synthesizer, Korg Minilogue, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Casio SK-1 custom circuit bent by Diabolical (one of a kind!), Casio SK-200 sampling keyboard, Atari 2600 with Synthcart, Yamaha Portasound PSS-680, Hohner Melodica, Stylophone, Korg Monotron I and Monotron Duo

MIDI Controllers: Native Komplete Kontrol, Alesis Q-49, Akai LPK25

Drums/ Percussion: Ludwig 1966 Club-Date kit, various other percussion instruments.